CMS Selection Process

It is always recommended that Planeteria provides a CMS product demonstration for new website projects. During this, we will walk your team through the usability, functionality and administration of each CMS platform.

Our CMS selection process includes:

The Editor – Who will be using the site as an admin?
• IT/Tech
• Marketing Department
• Executive Admins
• Editorial

Historical Preferences
• Current site
• Is it meeting your needs
• Pain points
• Success stories

The Product Demo
• Hands on with development sites for both WordPress and Drupal
• Ask questions
• Become familiar

The Elements – What elements/content will be edited?
• Content: Pictures, Video, Documents, PDF, etc
• Apps/Plugins
• Maps
• Work Flows

Strategic Development & Dynamic Design

We have developed and refined an 8-phase process that is a hybrid of strategic development and dynamic design:

🔭 Discover. We work closely with you to understand the project goals and success factors.

📌 Define. Create comprehensive content strategy to define website structure based on target needs.

🖌 Design. Develop visual systems and creative concepts for a seamless user experience.

📖 Content. Coordinate with stakeholders to develop new content and/or migrate content from an existing site.

🛠 Development. Programming and development of website using a suitable content management system.

😁 Review. Conduct design audits, quality assurance testing, and multi-browser and device testing.

🏋 Training. Develop custom training material and conduct orientation and sessions for website administrators.

🚀 Launch & Metrics. Go live with an amazing new site! Install analytics and track progress post-launch.

CMS Training

Planeteria hosts a hands-on training where administrators interact and practice modifying content in a testing environment. In the scope of this project, trainings will be conducted via video conference. In-person training can be arrange for an agreed upon travel cost.

Training Video Library
Post training we record and host screen cast tutorials explaining CMS functionality for your reference and training new employees. These will be searchable and hosted on a private YouTube channel.

On Going Training Opportunities
Training can be requested by the client up to three times per year.

Training Experience
Our lead trainer is part of our project team. Heidi Peyser trains all our clients on usage of the CMS. Because she is part of the project from start to finish, she has a depth of knowledge of the reasons behind why certain pages are set up and how functionality is intended to work. There is no one more qualified than Heidi to train City staff.

Example Training Library
Experience Works:

Planeteria Project Management Approach

As a company that serves customers all over the country, we have a streamlined project management process that allows for plenty of face-to-face meeting time throughout the life cycle of the project. When it comes to weekly check-ins, bench mark reviews, and other checkpoints, we utilize video conferencing, where we can share wireframes, graphics, presentations, and mockups in real time. We believe client engagement is critical to any projects success. All primary meetings and decision-making processes are overseen by the dedicated project manager assigned to your project. You’ll also be able to communicate directly with design and technical leads, as well as any other key team members wherever appropriate. Throughout the project, we schedule weekly check-ins and communicate regularly between meetings. We establish a clear decision-making path early on. We are careful to define goals for each meeting, clearly record decisions, and frequently remind the team of feedback opportunities and deadlines. Below are a couple of tools we use to effectively manage our project communication with you:



All the projects are managed through an online project tool called Basecamp. With Basecamp, both our teams can share documents and media, track to-dos, stay up-to-date with schedules, and easily manage discussion topics. This tool will be used for the duration of the project and you will receive a quick training during the kickoff.



For the Quality Assurance phase of the project, we use BughHerd. This online tool allows you to report issues by making annotations right from the site being worked on. It allows us to effectively turn your annotations into full reports with all the info we need to fix the problem and make sure your site is executed perfectly.



Our commitment is to ensure your team is fully supported post-launch. We use a client portal called Freshdesk that enables your to easily submit support tickets, or you can send a simple email to to reach our dedicated team. Either way, we are quickly and easily available to help. Before we reach the projects end, we provide a run-through for you to learn the submission process.

Planeteria Creative Development Process

Our strategic approach is completely different than the template solutions offered by our competitors. We will implement a customized solution specifically designed to solve your most pressing needs based on these four core beliefs.



First we understand your practices and strategies so we can come to a clear definition of success. This will be the north star for our work together.


We begin by creating a clear project plan, identifying key players on both the client and Planeteria side. We clearly define roles, methods and systems for communication as well as clear timeline to keep the project on track and everyone in the loop. We understand that timelines can shift and plans can change; any adjustments to the project will be reflected in a modified Road Map. This ensures we all keep on top of things, no matter what.


We keep our team and the client’s team organized with an online project management tool called Basecamp. Basecamp centralizes all project discussions, meeting notes, to-do lists, calendars, and documents, giving you clear access and oversight to our progress at every step.


We believe the best work comes from strong relationships. We take the time to make presentations on a regular basis. We enjoy the robust discussions that come from spending time with our clients. When possible in-person bench mark meetings will be scheduled.


Over the last 18 years, these four core beliefs have fueled hundreds of successful projects. They create a flexible structure that is a hybrid of strategic development and dynamic design. We’ve refined it into a succinct 8-phase process as follows:


Website Launch – SoulSpire

SoulSpire – SoulSpire provides soulular inspiration for all walks of life. This is their very FIRST website! Their task is to uplift people who are not happy, bring good health to those who are experiencing illness, motivate all who are seeking positive change, and bring diversity and rejuvenating energy to anyone who simply wants something new. They are here to help you design a lifestyle that inspires your soul to expand and grow.

CMS – WordPress with e-commerce ability

Website Launch – Lowell Housing Authority

Lowell Housing Authority – The goal for the new website was to integrate technology to support online services, provide full site searchability, facilitate content creation and editing, house a calendar of events system and create an overall inviting and engaging web design interface.

Planeteria completed an in-depth usability audit for Lowell Housing Authority. This included an on-site facilitation for general needs analysis, onsite focus groups with staff, and department facilitation to develop content strategy and architecture of website and intranet. Based on these discussions, we built a new website with housing application forms, language translation, and social media integration.

News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, site admin roles/permissions, emergency alerts, site search functionality, real time information, video embedding, document archive, online forms and more.

Usability audit, stake holder interviews, wireframes, custom mobile responsive design, web development: PHP / HTML5 / JavaScript, jQuery, route search functionality, ADA compliant, multilingual, work flows, Google analytics, responsive design. roles & permissions, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress

Website Launch – Solano Transportation Authority

Solano Mobility Join us in congratulation Solano Transportation Authority in launching their SECOND Planeteria website. Solano Mobility Program is a program of the STA where staff work to support the transportation needs and services of all Solano County residents including commuters, employers, older adults and people with disabilities. This is the second step of three to redesign and launch the STA family of websites. Next up is the main STA website. 

This project went through the full Planeteria Process of website design. The final product is not only visually appealing but highly functional for website visitors. Part of creating a site with enhanced user experience, Planeteria completed a content audit and content reorganization.

News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, emergency alerts, site search functionality, trip planners, real time information, video embedding/streaming, document archive, online forms and more.

Usability audit, stake holder surveys, wireframes, mobile responsive design, web development: PHP / HTML5 /JavaScript, jQuery, ADA compliant, multilingual, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress

Why You Should Have a Website

A Web presence is a great way to compliment your existing marketing plan. You can use your site to inform customers about your business’s services and it makes word-of-mouth advertising easier.

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