Hanna Boys Center is a residential treatment school in Sonoma, California, with an on- campus accredited high school. Archbishop Hanna High School, serving 8th through 12th grade students with at risk youth programs. Hanna Boys Center has been a client of Planeteria since 2006 and in 2018 we launched the 3rd and newest version of their website.

The website’s CMS allows the administrator to update images, add content (photos, text, downloadable PDFs, video) and create new pages as necessary. A main website administrator can quickly post important announcements on the homepage, swap out branding imagery, update the header and navigation, and control all links both internal and external. Additionally, we incorporated a student application process and a monetary donation portal. We also integrated Hanna Boys Center’s strong social media presence.


Usability audit, stake holder surveys, wireframes, custom mobile responsive design, Web development: PHP / HTML5 / JavaScript, jQuery, route search functionality, ADA compliant, work flows, Google analytics, responsive design. roles & permissions, multilingual, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress

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