Difference Between Static & Dynamic Website : Why Does My Site Need it?

When discussing websites, static and dynamic are two terms used which can be in reference to one of two things: either the code source from which the site content is pulled and/or the frequency with which the content is updated.  So basically, is there a content management system or database holding content, or is it within the HTML code?  Often times, unless you have a paid webmaster and have allotted personal or staff time to develop new content, the frequency of freshening website content is a direct result of the nature of the code source.  So, in English, if a site has content stored in a database, making it possible for content to vary on a page based on the info you are looking for, then it’s dynamic because it changes.  It’s not staying still.  If it doesn’t and you have to go into the code to do it then it’s fairly unmoving content, or static.

There are a lot of reasons that dynamic content  – so content that changes frequently – is better.

Google spends a lot of time defining what it is that makes good content.  It used to be that good content was defined by how many sites linked to you.  It didn’t matter whether what the sites were or who owned them.  This meant that you could buy a million domains and link them back to your site and it all caused you to win the game of getting on top.  Even more than that, SEO experts spent a lot of time putting specific content on a website and then lots of time building links back to that website.  Static, unchanging content, was fairly key.

It is now the exact opposite.  What Google realized is that they weren’t bringing people to quality content, but to the best spun and marketed content.  Quality information, however, changes.  So a site that stays the same and isn’t updated or added to, that isn’t dynamic, isn’t quality.  Google figures out quality content a few ways, but the piece of the algorithm that is most specific to dynamic content is Google site indexing.  Google doesn’t index your site once.  It indexes it all the time.  More than that it remembers if the current content has changed at all from the last time.  That means the content within a page as well as the number of pages on a site.  So regular site content updates need to be easy to do and then actually followed through.

The other piece to a successful site, is traffic.  We want to rank highly in Google to get more site traffic and more site traffic helps to get higher Google page rank.  The biggest part of keeping site visitors on your site and coming back?  Fresh content.  No one comes to a site to read the same thing over and over, nor to read things that are out of date.  People want what’s new, which leads me to –

Whether you update your content yourself or by paying a webmaster there is still a considerable investment required in time to develop new content.  Often this is where folks run into problems.  They have time to enter the content or monetary resources to have someone else do this work. Coming up with new original content on a regular basis takes a time commitment and time is money. What is important to remember is that just getting a website up was a monetary investment, and while there are no guarantees that seeing your site investment through by maintaining dynamic content will garner a return there is no doubt that keeping a static site will not.

Importance of Social Media for Every Business

If you are trying to reserve a hotel room online and you have 5 options with similar prices and facilities then which one would you choose – a hotel with 100 good reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars or a hotel with high quality images of their beautiful rooms but lower customer ratings? I would blindly choose the first one. Therefore, free customer reviews are more valuable than expensive colorful advertisements. On the other hand, if people can’t find your business online then your business is limited to local and known customers only. It’s social media that can make your business global and stand out from the huge crowd of your competitors.

Does your business has a website? Is your business present on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+ etc)? Are your websites and pages frequently updated? Your answer should definitely be YES. Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Report has cited that companies using social media for three or more years improved search rankings, created more partnerships, generated new ideas, increased traffic, provided marketplace insight, and reduced marketing expenses which eventually increased profits. Social media also reflects real corporate images of businesses. It also increases the visibility and sales of businesses products. Beside this you can also see the real image of your products in the customer’s eyes. Feed backs are always important; it helps to motivate a business as well as helps to improve your products. They can also keep you updated about new trends followed by your customers and you can center your work according to market trends. Similarly, your business can directly be linked with your customers.

If your answer is NO then you must still be following the four P’s of marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion then you need to step back and think about new ways of making your business more successful. Everyone advertises their products as one of the best in the market but saying that doesn’t increase their sales. Its the customer satisfaction reflected on the businesses product reviews that increases sales. One survey shows that around  93% of Shopper’s Buying decisions are influenced by social media whereas only 14%  trust advertisements. These stats change each and everyday so just imagine where the world is heading in terms of social media and digital marketing. Erik Qualman, Professor of Digital Marketing at Hult International Business School, says “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the choice is how well we do it “. Now you should focus and think about new ways of marketing i.e Digital marketing. Just think where your business stands in terms of social media and how well it’s done? Does your business still follow the traditional marketing strategies or have you already adopted new and successful ways of social marketing?

If not don’t you think now it’s the time to invest in social media?

Written By : Prabidh Sharma