Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

January 27, 2018

Don’t have the monetary resources to add new pages and features to your site?  Sprucing it up to draw new traffic needn’t be costly.  Here are 3 quick tips:

Change your images.  Even if it’s just the homepage, new images bring new life.  Checkout inexpensive stock photo sites like istockphoto.com, veer.com, or bigstockphoto.com.

Change your header copy. You don’t need to be a literary genius to have new fresh copy.  The first thing that catches people’s eye is the header.  Switch out that language from time to time.

Use part of your homepage for news.  Reserve one or two paragraphs of your homepage for a brief news update.  It could be as simple as welcoming a new employee or updating a product price.  One or two paragraphs every now and then isn’t that hard.  It’s not even a blog entry.

Then remember to promote your changes.  Use the opportunity of these subtle changes to reach out to your client base and invite them back to your site.