Planeteria Partners with Pantheon

June 13, 2022

For immediate release: June 13, 2022.

Planeteria Media, a full-service website development firm based in Santa Rosa, California, has announced a new strategic partnership with Pantheon, the world’s leading WebOps platform.

Pantheon powers websites reaching over a billion unique visitors a month, including flagship properties such as, the American Civil Liberties Union, Patagonia, Coach, United Nations, Quicken Loans, IBM and many more. Their unique “serverless” hosting service for WordPress and Drupal sites running across the Google Cloud Platform leads the industry in speed and reliability.

“Reliability is our #1 priority,” said Planeteria CTO Sandeep Mehta. “Pantheon has an outstanding track record, and it is a known and trusted company that can meet our rigorous uptime and performance requirements. We also know their founders well and have watched their contributions to the open-source community over the past decade with great appreciation and admiration.”

All Planeteria Media customers will also benefit from a fully integrated content delivery network (CDN) via Pantheon’s integration of Fastly. Fastly is used by the New York Times, Buzzfeed, AirBNB, Kayak, and many other highly popular websites to maintain fast performance during huge waves of traffic and to optimize worldwide delivery speed by using servers located closest to their users’ locations. It also keeps websites available if the underlying infrastructure goes down.

Reliability is only one of the many benefits that come with the new partnership. Working in close collaboration with Pantheon’s product team, Planeteria was able to maximize the platform’s WebOps features to enable rapid staging and release of software updates and security patches.

Planeteria offers modular solutions for organizations, allowing them to manage and update their website without needing technical support. Planeteria sites can also be comprehensively re-designed without requiring a full re-development effort, saving clients money while keeping their website flexible as client and community needs evolve.

“Migrating our portfolio of websites to the Pantheon platform will mark an enormous step forward in our technological capabilities,” said Sales Director Tyler Coffin. “Our ability to test and deploy new features and other enhancements rapidly will be greatly improved.”

Planeteria leverages Pantheon’s Custom Upstreams to rapidly set up new customer projects, and manage updates to their core website offering across their portfolio of over 500 sites. Also of interest is the Multidev capability, allowing organizations to simultaneously test different features using a different copy of its site for each feature being tested. It also enables customers to freely spin up test environments for safe experimentation.

We are proud of our collaboration with the team at Planeteria Media,” said Josh Koenig, Pantheon’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “They are truly a role-model of an agency making the most of our platform. We are very excited to welcome Planeteria Media’s clientele into the Pantheon ecosystem, and look forward to showcasing their WebOps process in case-studies and conference presentations.”

Since 1999, Planeteria has been designing, developing, and supporting community-focused websites for municipalities, public agencies, and private enterprise organizations around the country. They’ve built over 500 sites serving millions of customers.


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