Copywriting, SEO Content Writing, Website Copy writing

Copywriting, SEO Content Writing

A beautiful, well organized, and functional website is an asset to any organization, but the quality of the copy is what keeps visitors, and search engines, coming back.

Gathering and organizing existing copy, or generating new copy, for your website should begin as soon as your project kicks off. Almost without exception, delayed launches, and cost overruns are the result of delayed delivery of website copy.

Planeteria provides writing services ranging from copy editing to comprehensive copy writing.

Copywriting vs. Copy Editing

If you have little or no copy, and no resources to generate good web copy, Planeteria can provide complete copywriting services. This involves:

  • Collection and evaluation of any available collateral or print information
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Drafting and finalizing copy for approval

If you think you need copywriting services, you probably do. Ask us for a quote!

Existing copy usually comes from marketing materials, a current website, and other business documents. If you have existing copy, or in-house staff to generate it, Planeteria can provide copy editing as needed.

Writing for the Web is Different than Writing for Print

Reading is 25% slower from a computer screen than it is from paper and visitors scan web pages rather than read them word for word. In order to communicate effectively on the Web, copy should be concise, scan-able and objective.

In short, writing good web copy shares more characteristics with technical business writing or journalism than with creative writing. Planeteria offers advice, tips, and guidelines for writing good web copy.

Writing good web copy has another advantage; good copy will improve organic search results! Learn more about organic search results and search engine optimization (SEO) services provided by Planeteria to set your site high.