Drupal Training

Welcome to the video section of our support pages. Here you will find tutorials to teach you to use some of the popular tools and features for Drupal CMS. Check back for additional video tutorials when we add them.

Introduction to Drupal

It’s a Content Management System, but also so much more. Drupal is open source and very powerful.

Drupal Content

This video explains how content works in Drupal. You’ll see the main content, comments and files dashboards.


Introduction to the Structure tab in Drupal 8. This is where you build the core functionality of your site.


The Appearance page in the Drupal 8, covering themes and their settings.


The Extend tab, click on this tab and you’ll get an overview of all the features on your Drupal site.


Overview of the Configuration screen.Includes the Site information screen for the Site name and slogan.


Introduction to the People tab which contains information about your site’s users.


Here you’ll find log messages, a list of fields, popular search phrase and more.

Introduction to Content Types

Content types are the foundation stone of every Drupal site. Drupal has 2 default content types: Articles and Basic Pages.

Creating an Article

Create an article, adding s a title, body, image and tags. Add nodes to your menus, turn comments on or off, and configure the URL alias.

Creating a Basic Page

Create a Basic page in Drupal. You’ll see that there are substantial differences between the Article and Basic page content types.

Inline Editing

When you hover items on a Drupal 8 page, you’ll see a pencil. Click this pencil and you’ll be able to edit blocks, nodes and more, without leaving the page.

Creating a New Content Type

Looking at creating custom content types.

The User Group Content Type

Create content type called User Groups.

Introduction to Layout

Creating layouts in Drupal 8. The basic building blocks of layout are themes, blocks and menus.

Menu Management

A look at menus and how to set up the navigation for your site.