Private Enterprise

At Planeteria Media we have been designing, developing and implementing many award-winning customized CMS solutions for private enterprise clients around the country for over 20 years; they have proven to be secure, interactive, flexible and user-friendly in providing a self-service experience. Using open source solutions like WordPress and Drupal and proprietary platforms like Kentico, we are experts at pinpointing the best solution for your organization.

Types of private enterprise clients we work with: E-commerce sites, Wineries, Architects, Contractors, Building suppliers, Equity firms, Jet centers.


  • Sakura Finetek
  • Empacs Group
  • Montague
  • Belcampo
  • GBD Architects
  • Canyon Rock
  • Groskopf
  • HR Architects
  • I & E Construction
  • Consolidated Investment Group
  • Sonoma Jet Center
  • Mayer/Reed Inc
  • Carlsbad Jet Center

Visually Stunning

Our goal is to provide private enterprise organizations with world class beautiful and functional website designs. We dedicate extra time to understand your unique organization in order to provide art direction to select photos and imagery that represent your unique organization.

Rich in Functionality

We strive to make our clients’ websites not only truly beautiful, but functionality and navigability are also major components of a beautiful user experience. From the project outset, we work carefully with our clients to identify appropriate functionality to include. This functionality can be native to the website and administered via the CMS or by utilizing third-party functionality. Options include: eCommerce, lead generation, visual portfolio, events, calendars, forms, maps, and much more.


We have extensive experience with creating an ADA Compliant solution and continued monitoring. Accessibility often naturally flows from good design. This means that your organization website should be designed to deliver a great experience for all its visitors, whether or not they have a disability. We make sure the site’s visual elements are visually compliant. In addition, all page headers, tags, and metadata will follow compliance. We do this through automated tools for testing and we embed compliance throughout our design and development process.

We had a really short turnaround time to get a new website created and launched. A really daunting task to a small non-profit with no website experience. The staff at Planeteria assured us they could help us and they did a fantastic job!

Marianne Ferguson, EXPERIENCE WORKS

The experience working with Planeteria has been amazing. The team was easy-going, super flexible, and immediately responsive to all our needs.