ABOUT Lowell Housing Authority

Lowell Housing Authority

The agency is the first public housing authority in Massachusetts and is now the states’ third-largest. Since the organizations’ inception, the Authority has been tasked with providing “safe, decent, and sanitary housing” for low-income residents of the community.

Lowell Housing Authority


The Lowell Housing Authority has become not just a housing provider, but rather, a full social service agency designed to provide stability and create opportunities for residents to achieve self-sufficiency. Our goal was to create a website with technology to support online services, provide full site searchability, facilitate content creation and editing, house a calendar of events and create an overall inviting and engaging web design. Planeteria accomplished this by utilizing WordPress as the CMS with extensive new site architecture and sitemap


Lowell Housing Authority needed Planeteria to design and implement a new website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide easy access to information throughout the website. The emphasis is on incorporating extensive content management tools and database-driven architecture while providing a user-friendly and intuitive site structure as well as an interface that is attractive, accessible to people with disabilities (especially those with visual impairments), and offers users a choice of either English or other languages. Making the website mobile friendly is also desired so that users are looking at the same content in both web and mobile formats. Project questionnaire, audience needs assessment, site map, wireframes, web style guide (colors/typography), mood-boarding, mock-ups, WordPress CMS, mobile responsive, hosting, and managed maintenance.


News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, procurement, emergency alerts, site search functionality, video embedding/streaming, looping video in hero banners, document archive, online forms, ADA compliant, Google Analytics, mobile responsive, language translation, ongoing maintenance and hosting.

Applicant Log-In

Section 8 housing applicants have the ability to login to apply for housing and to check the status of their application.

Property Maps

In addition to property detail pages, Lowell Housing Authority incorporates Google Maps with information about each Section 8 property.