ABOUT Meydenbauer Center


Meydenbauer Center opened in 1993 as the Greater Seattle area’s second largest convention facility.  The Center includes 54,000 square-feet of event space including 36,000 square foot Center Hall, and nine meeting rooms totaling 12,000 square-feet. Also included is a 2,500 square-foot Executive Conference Suite as well as a 410 seat performing arts theatre.

Meydenbauer Center


Meydenbauer wanted a design with unique shapes, animations, and the ability to apply those to design elements in a page builder format. The hero images on several web pages include looping videos. They required integration with their exhibitor services ordering system into the site as well as streamline the new look and feel with a proposal building platform. The new site architecture needed to appeal to both potential customers and their event attendees.


The Meydenbauer Center needed Planeteria to design and implement a new website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to customers and potential customers of the center. The emphasis is on incorporating extensive content management tools and database-driven architecture while providing a user-friendly and intuitive site structure as well as an interface that is attractive, accessible to people with disabilities (especially those with visual impairments), and offers users a choice of either English or other languages. Making the website mobile friendly is also desired so that users are looking at the same content in both web and mobile formats. Project questionnaire, audience needs assessment, site map, wireframes, web style guide (colors/typography), mood-boarding, mock-ups, WordPress CMS, mobile responsive, hosting, and managed maintenance. Audience needs assessment, site map, wireframes, web style guide (colors/typography), mood-boarding, mock ups, WordPress CMS, mobile responsive, hosting, and managed maintenance.


News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, procurement, emergency alerts, site search functionality, video embedding/streaming, looping video in hero banners, document archive, online forms, ADA compliant, Google Analytics, mobile responsive, language translation, ongoing maintenance and hosting.


Three different main sections of the of the website include looping hero image video. The video is designed to add a dynamic nature to the website and pull the audience into the website.


Many features of the site are designed with asymmetric design. The hero image is designed with a slight tilt. Content boxes are designed as parrallegrams. Navigation and imagery are designed as polygons. The reason for this is to create a design that is as unique as Meydenbauer Center.