What Should Be the Top Priorities of an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

As you start to learn about inbound marketing, you may wonder how you are supposed to accomplish all those tasks along with having time for your other duties. It helps to step back and focus on the top three priorities.


The top priority should be to improve your site’s SEO. An active blog is a great place to start. Make a list of all the possible questions that your customers might be interested in, and start blogging about them. Blogging allows you to use relevant keywords in your URL titles so that Google has a better idea of what you do as a company. Blogging also allows you to use Schema markup and other techniques to prove that you are a professional.

Additionally, Google rates sites higher that have content added to them regularly. Regular posting to your site encourages others to link to you. When a site that places higher than you do links to your site, then Google sees this as a vote of confidence that you are relevant.

Creating Relevant Content

Inbound marketing relies on relevant content for conversions at a more cost-effective rate. Create relevant content that people want to read. Write for real people while trying to incorporate your keywords into your subheadings and headlines. Link your different blogs to major blogs on your site so that they rise to the top of the hierarchy naturally. Use the number of words that you need to cover a topic entirely without becoming fluffy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should be another priority in your inbound marketing scheme. Sharing your blog posts on social media allows customers to see you as an expert in your field. It also encourages others to share your content, so your company gets introduced to more people.

If you are going to use social media as part of your inbound marketing, then think about what type of content will perform well for your company.

Consider sharing do-it-yourself content on Pinterest to encourage sharing there. If you have a visual business, then using influencers on Instagram can be a great inbound marketing technique. You should also consider posting on social media sites that are outside of the “big five” to see where your customers are hanging out. For instance, if you market to a younger demographic, then Snapchat may be right for your inbound marketing program.

You need an excellent inbound marketing strategy to drive people to your site. When you combine it with superior products and excellent customer service, then your business will thrive. At Planeteria, we plan, design and build websites that will make you feel proud of your online presence. Start working with us today!