About Planeteria

Planeteria was founded in 1999 as a technology & marketing company and has 25 full-time employees who specialize in website design, development, content management systems, internet marketing, ongoing technical support, and maintenance. We have offices in Denver, Portland and our headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA. Our specialty is building high quality, modular, mobile, and feature heavy websites for organizations across the country.

We believe in flexible websites. That means that as your organization grows and changes, the website can evolve easily with you. Utilizing WordPress or Drupal CMS not only allows control of all content by non-technical staff but also allows global design and functionality changes without re-building the entire site. A flexible website keeps your brand fresh and your audience engaged without great expense or difficulty.

Organizationally, Planeteria values positive and collaborative relationships with our clients. The most successful relationships are when we become as an extension of your team working towards a common goal. Since 1999, we have designed and developed hundreds of high-quality and feature-rich websites for clients across the country. Our specialty is building custom websites for content-heavy private and public organizations with diverse stakeholder groups.

Programming Languages: PHP, ASP, .Net, C#, Javascript, SQL

Content Management Systems: WordPress, Kentico & Drupal


There are a lot of digital agencies on the planet for you to choose from. You should work with Planeteria because of our unique combination of Our Team, Our Designs, and Our Process. We call it the Planeteria Difference, broken down below:

  • Our Team
  • Our Designs
  • Website Usability
  • Our Process
  • Technology
  • Customer Service Excellence


To design digital experiences that support communities in having positive and productive interactions with their local government.


All local governments provide convenient, modern and valuable digital resources for every community member.



– We seek out opportunities to help others.
– We are good listeners and are attentive to client needs.
– We actively research new technologies to support our clients’ goals.
– We volunteer our time and talents within our own communities.
– We respond thoughtfully and punctually in our communications.


– We embrace and celebrate people different from ourselves and ideas unlike our own.
– We work to understand other perspectives.
– We believe great solutions are born from gathering a wide variety of ideas.
– We understand our own experience is not the only experience.
– We seek feedback and input from all stakeholders in our projects.


– We keep in mind that not all people have the same opportunities and resources.
– We actively remove barriers to using our products.
– We believe equity is a basic human right.
– We strive to understand the cultural components of inequity and fight against those components.


Sandeep Mehta

Technology Director

Renu Chadda

Managing Director

Heidi Peyser

Information Architect

Wyatt Benoit

Senior Project Manager

Chloe Steinhoff-Smith

Senior Visual Designer

Tyler Coffin

Sales & Business Development Director

Bill Olson

Web Producer

Victoria Kovatch

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Kane

Project Manager

Keegan Ortiz-DeKramer

Senior Developer

Katrina Thomas

Lead Photographer & Art Director

What People are Saying

The upgraded site is a huge improvement both for internal and external users. We really appreciated not only the result but the fact that you and your team were so flexible and responsive along the way. Your team provided significant functionality improvements to simplify navigation, integrate Google maps, offer interactive charts, improve the search function and create a mobile-friendly platform.


My organization recently worked with Planeteria on a complete website redesign. The project was successful and easy from start to finish. Planeteria reps were extremely responsive and delivered a great product to match my organization's unique needs. Would highly recommend.

− Austin Hughes, LEXTRAN

You have done a phenomenal job with all the twists and turns of this project! I know it was tough with the timeline.


At every step of the process, Planeteria added value to our website redesign and development project. From the design phase to content organization, from development to terrific customer service and follow-up, the team was a pleasure to work with.

− Justine Kadziel, BASIN RECREATION