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Planeteria is a leading web-design and development company with headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA. We have been designing, developing, and supporting community-focused websites for municipalities, public agencies, and private enterprise organizations around the country. We’ve built over 500 sites serving millions of customers. We pride ourselves in offering modular solutions for organizations who want the ability to make adjustments to their website without needing technical support.

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Current Openings

Content Coordinator

Job details

Salary: $40,000 – $60,000 a year

Job Type: Full-time

Qualifications: Content management: 2 years (Preferred)

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Work Location: Remote

Technical Skills Requirement

  • Has experience with managing content in WordPress sites. Experience in WordPress and Drupal preferred. Experience in different page builder sets like gutenberg, visual composer etc preferred ( a minimum of experience with gutenberg required)
  • Loves spreadsheets and has experience in excel as well as google sheets. Experience with sheets using relational data / multiple sheets in a workbook preferred.

Professional Skill Requirement

  • Experience with spearheading project coordination for content development and curation both internally with team members and externally with clients.
  • Experience administering content for multiple, information heavy, websites required. Preferably at the same time.
  • Expertise using SEO best practices to write creative copy, or at least has a deep understanding of why scannable headers are important in web content.
  • Understands and has experience with coordinating content from multiple stakeholders that have different work styles, voices and thinking styles but that must ultimately develop content meeting the same, uniform parameters.

Other Strengths & Skills

  • Understands how to get from an outline to a narrative.
  • Has an eye for seeing typos.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills. That means clearly worded thoughts, succinct summarization of the communicated ideas of others, a strong grasp of correct grammar and an enjoyment of the writing/editing process.
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Enjoys learning about new industries and how they work and how that tracks back to website content.
  • Can see the big picture and the weeds. Can anticipate how details relate to the big picture or what implications the big picture may have on detail items.
  • Can see patterns in information (both data and narrative) and information structure. Can use that ability to help keep consistency in migrated content and content provided for migration.
  • Accountability and ability to prioritize daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Ability to identify tasks that will help get the job done even if they have not been identified by management and the confidence to suggest them.
  • Ability to plan out how tasks fit into a larger project plan / schedule as well as a multiple project production schedule.
  • Patience and kindness are strong virtues held and practiced.


  • Bachelor’s degree a plus