4 Strategies to Help You Get Branded Messages to Audience Eyeballs

May 2, 2019

All of the effort that you put into marketing will be for nothing if the messages are not seen by your target audience. There are a lot of factors that go into targeting your branded messages. Use these top strategies to get your messages noticed.

Send Messages at the Right Time of the Day

You do not want to send your branded messages to people at the wrong time of the day. Most people are asleep between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Sending your messages at these times could backfire. Test the timing of your text and email messages. Find out if there is a time of the day that results in the highest percentage of people clicking on the message and reading it. Take a look at how many people act on the message, and target your future marketing messages for these times.

Personalize the Messages

It is a good idea to personalize the messages to your audience. Instead of a blanket greeting of “hello,” use a personalized greeting for each customer. You could base this greeting off of the information that the person put into his or her contact or account preferences. A person is more likely to respond to a text that says, “Hi Mary” than “Hello.”

Mass Text Messaging

If you can get opt-in from a large number of existing customers, sending out a mass text may be a good way to get more brand participation from them. SMS messaging on mobile is a fast way to do this, and you can include a link to your product landing page, website, or contact page in the SMS message. Sending these messages also alerts you to whether or not you have the customer’s correct contact information.

Proofread Your Messages

People will not take your messages seriously if they have poor grammar or use misspelled words. Worse yet, they could ignore your messages or consider them to be spam if they contain a lot of mistakes. Use a grammar and spelling checker before sending branded messages to your audience. Consider having a fresh set of eyes review the message before you send it to your mass audience.

These strategies are just a few things that you should use in your marketing. Branded messages create a strong impression of your company. Make sure it is the right one by following these tips.

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