COVID-19 Website Updates Needed?

March 26, 2020

We hope this message finds you healthy. Amidst the current climate of our country, we want to make sure we are offering the utmost support to you. We are offering services to help you maintain your websites with COVID-19 related updates, alerts, and information.

These are the following things we have been working on over the last few days to help our customers handle the COVID-19 related issues:

● Created an alert section on the homepage to display COVID-19 related alert messages/announcements (For multiple clients including a transit operator and a convention center website).
● Created a new page with details on procedures and precautions for vendors/clients (multiple clients including a large Construction company).
● Updated meeting & agenda module to allow adding of Conference call details to committee meetings (for multiple municipal organizations).
● Created a new page with COVID-19 information for cities and links to important announcements (for a municipal organization).
● Created a new section on the internet to share COVID-19 related messages/information with employees (for a large Corporate organization).
● Updated the bus schedules and maps using GTFS data (For a transit operator using our GTFS+ functionality).
● Activated online Donation pages to raise funds (for a Non-profit organization).
● Reorganized the E-commerce shop menu and category pages (For an online store due to products getting sold out).
● Updated operating hours and online ordering/delivery instructions on Restaurant pages (for a nationwide Restaurant operator).
● In the process of creating a clickable map showing California regions and details of cities impacted (for a municipal organization).

If there is a specific update you would like to add to your current website, please let us know and we would be happy to help. We hope you are staying well during this time of uncertainty.