Exciting News: The City of Vancouver, WA Website Launch!

September 6, 2023

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: September 6, 2023. For Immediate release

Welcome to the latest update from Planeteria Media! We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of the new City of Vancouver, Washington’s official website, cityofvancouver.us. This project is set to revolutionize how residents, businesses, and visitors interact with the city and access vital information and services. Here’s a sneak peek into what this innovative project entails.

City of Vancouver at a Glance:

  • Location: Nestled along the Columbia River, Vancouver, WA, is the southwestern gateway to the State of Washington. It’s positioned just across the river from Portland, Oregon, making it a key part of the I-5 corridor.
  • Population: With a 2020 population of 189,700 and growing, Vancouver is projected to exceed 200,000 residents within the next decade.
  • Government: The city operates under a Council/Manager form of government, with a Mayor and six council members setting policy and direction. The City Manager oversees daily operations.

The Need for a Digital Transformation:

The City of Vancouver recognized the importance of a digital transformation to meet the evolving needs of its community. The previous website, running on Drupal 7, was struggling to keep up with current architectural, user experience, and branding expectations.

The city’s website, averaging over 600,000 monthly page views, currently comprises nearly 1,500 content pages and 150 web forms. It integrates various embedded content elements, such as Esri GIS maps, YouTube videos, PowerBI dashboards, and Emma email subscription forms, making it a complex project. A team of 50 web contributors maintains specific departmental and program-related content.

The Vision: A Modern, User-Centric Hub

The primary goal of this project is to create a state-of-the-art website that represents the City of Vancouver’s values, brand, and character. It will serve as an effective communication and engagement tool for residents, businesses, and visitors. The new website aims to offer a modern, professional, and user-friendly interface, ensuring that vital information is easily accessible with minimal clicks and an intuitive search experience. The focus is on the audience’s needs, rather than a staff-centric or jurisdictional approach.