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October 12, 2018

Improving Traffic to your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting organic traffic from search engines to your website, it’s a huge process which includes various factors like on-page and off-page optimization. Basically, Search engines work with different types of algorithms which will evaluate the website qualities to rank in the search result. These algorithms will regularly update by search engine companies to give quality search results.

Here are a few points to improve the traffic of your website,

About Search Engine Algorithms

Google updates its algorithm 100s of times per year.  We need to do there commended improvements to the website, at least quarterly, to keep up rankings (where your site shows up in results)  and traffic (how many site visitors you have) from the search engines. The kinds of updates required to maintain a stable ranking position and traffic to your website can be confusing.  Here are a few tips to stay stable in search engines.


Content Updating

content in websitePeople visit your website to get information for a particular query, so giving them accurate, good and lengthy information will be very useful for them. Search engines take content as important signals to rank your website in search results, to stabilize in SERP (Search engine ranking position) and traffic to your website.  You need to regularly update your content to keep search engines from viewing your content as stale. At a minimum, you have to release 1 or 2 useful blog articles (approx. 1800 words per article) on your website, change existing content which is outdated, and add content to important pages (like the service or about us page) once a month.   This doesn’t always have to be written content. Videos, images or gif files are also effective.


mobile responsive - paneteria media santa rosa



More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in the U.S. You need to concentrate on mobile responsiveness of your website.  Search engines attach strong ranking signals to mobile user experience.






These signals are things like:

  • Good traffic data from mobile devices
  • Do mobile users stay on the site a long time
  • Do mobile users go to multiple pages
  • Is there a high rate of click to call or click to navigate
  • Are there obvious mobile specific styles in the code

Social Media Profile Integrating  


More than 10 Million people all over the world use social media. Search engines take integrating social media pages into a website as a strong signal to better your search rank.





Do you have an active social media presence creating a lot of new links back to your website such as:

  • Links from people sharing your content in posts
  • Links from you sharing your content in posts
  • Built in ways on your site to easily share content in posts
  • A social presence spread out over multiple platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.)

Paid Link Building/Guest Blog Publishing

Guest Blog publishing - planeteria Media


In addition to links from social platforms, backlinks from other websites are also important.  It tells the search engine that other relevant sites also think that you are relevant. Link building is an important component of the ranking signals for search engines.  If you carry a brand in your store, make sure that they have a link to you as a place to find their product. Pay to publish a guest blog article on your area of expertise in a related website with a lot of traffic.  Pay to be listed in relevant online directories with good traffic. There are many ways to build backlinks and it’s an ongoing activity. Search engines are looking to see, like content on your site, what NEW links exist showing that people are STILL talking about you.