New Website Announcement

May 10, 2019

🎉New website launch!

Clackamas County is Oregon’s third-most populous county. The county was named after the Native Americans living in the area, the Clackamas Indians, who were part of the Chinookan people. Since the county’s creation, agriculture, timber, manufacturing, and commerce have been the principal economic activities. Mount Hood, the only year-round ski resort in the United States and the site of Timberline Lodge, is a major attraction for recreation and tourism. The mountain and its rivers and forests offer outdoor recreation activities, from skiing and rafting to fishing and camping.

Planeteria was hired for website design and development services for the county’s 2,000+ page website that receives more than 2 million visits per year. With a site over 2,000 pages, the content reorganization was essential. A unique challenge to this project was the County has over 40 different departments and divisions all of which needed unique department pages with an overall look and feel that created uniformity throughout the site but also provides levels of flexibility in what they could post and where.