Planeteria All Charged Up by 3C Energy Project

September 2, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: September 2, 2022. For Immediate release

Central Coast Community Energy, usually shortened to 3Cenergy, CCCE, or 3CE, is a community-owned source of clean and renewable energy in California’s middle region, as well as rebates and incentives supporting the same. A lack of shareholders and investors means revenue stays local, providing green energy via local utilities and investing in the research and development of tomorrow’s environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Requiring not only the usual battery of non-profit needs, meeting calendars and archives, legal notices and forms, maps, FAQs, and News, 3CE also needed to pull energy news and ecological initiatives from cities and counties across the area. This includes not only the usual press releases and mentions but also rebates and discounts for private users, commercial ventures, and agriculture and transit interests.

Multi-departmental coordination of needs, detailed sitemap and custom page configuration, data sanctuary, CMS creation, development, execution, beta-testing, initial site training, live site QA and changes, hands-on training, video coaching library, and long-term “hyper-care.”

Fully unified data for all municipalities across dozens of readily accessible pages, organized, easy-to-find forms and archives; easy-to-find destinations for commercial, residential, and agricultural users; and bus and member agencies. Of course, every click is met with beautiful images that capture the page’s intent, and solid training means the site will be maintained easily by a small team.