Planeteria Creative Development Process

January 15, 2019

Our strategic approach is completely different than the template solutions offered by our competitors. We will implement a customized solution specifically designed to solve your most pressing needs based on these four core beliefs.



First we understand your practices and strategies so we can come to a clear definition of success. This will be the north star for our work together.


We begin by creating a clear project plan, identifying key players on both the client and Planeteria side. We clearly define roles, methods and systems for communication as well as clear timeline to keep the project on track and everyone in the loop. We understand that timelines can shift and plans can change; any adjustments to the project will be reflected in a modified Road Map. This ensures we all keep on top of things, no matter what.


We keep our team and the client’s team organized with an online project management tool called Basecamp. Basecamp centralizes all project discussions, meeting notes, to-do lists, calendars, and documents, giving you clear access and oversight to our progress at every step.


We believe the best work comes from strong relationships. We take the time to make presentations on a regular basis. We enjoy the robust discussions that come from spending time with our clients. When possible in-person bench mark meetings will be scheduled.


Over the last 18 years, these four core beliefs have fueled hundreds of successful projects. They create a flexible structure that is a hybrid of strategic development and dynamic design. We’ve refined it into a succinct 8-phase process as follows: