Planeteria Project Management Approach

January 22, 2019

As a company that serves customers all over the country, we have a streamlined project management process that allows for plenty of face-to-face meeting time throughout the life cycle of the project. When it comes to weekly check-ins, bench mark reviews, and other checkpoints, we utilize video conferencing, where we can share wireframes, graphics, presentations, and mockups in real time. We believe client engagement is critical to any projects success. All primary meetings and decision-making processes are overseen by the dedicated project manager assigned to your project. You’ll also be able to communicate directly with design and technical leads, as well as any other key team members wherever appropriate. Throughout the project, we schedule weekly check-ins and communicate regularly between meetings. We establish a clear decision-making path early on. We are careful to define goals for each meeting, clearly record decisions, and frequently remind the team of feedback opportunities and deadlines. Below are a couple of tools we use to effectively manage our project communication with you:



All the projects are managed through an online project tool called Basecamp. With Basecamp, both our teams can share documents and media, track to-dos, stay up-to-date with schedules, and easily manage discussion topics. This tool will be used for the duration of the project and you will receive a quick training during the kickoff.



For the Quality Assurance phase of the project, we use BughHerd. This online tool allows you to report issues by making annotations right from the site being worked on. It allows us to effectively turn your annotations into full reports with all the info we need to fix the problem and make sure your site is executed perfectly.



Our commitment is to ensure your team is fully supported post-launch. We use a client portal called Freshdesk that enables your to easily submit support tickets, or you can send a simple email to to reach our dedicated team. Either way, we are quickly and easily available to help. Before we reach the projects end, we provide a run-through for you to learn the submission process.