SEO for Municipalities

April 1, 2020

SEO For Municipalities

Pro Tips

Own Your Google Listings – Google listings aren’t just for businesses.  Having your various campus and department hours along with a photo of the building is very helpful to the public and a common channel they are used to using to get that information.  Street view images are especially helpful for nondescript buildings that are hard to find.
Make Sure Page Titles And Metas Are Accurate & Succinct – Titles and descriptions are what shows on google results, so they should very quickly describe what public need is addressed on that page.  If you have a content management system that lets you edit page titles and meta descriptions, make sure they are both accurate and succinct.  Meta descriptions for departments for example, should really just list out what that department does.
Put A Robust Search Feature On Your Site – Lots of people aren’t interested in reading / researching and just want a search tool to immediately enter their inquiry.  A robust search tool on your site can help citizens to ask their questions and find their answers.

Why SEO Is Important For Municipalities

People Use Google – Often people Google an issue before they ever come to (or find) your site.
Saves A Phone Call – When your information on Google is accurate that often saves a phone call.
Reinforces Your Authority – When your meta data is accurate and clear it helps your pages show up before other pages / sites that may not be where you’d like citizens go for information.