Website Launch – Lowell Housing Authority

January 3, 2019

Lowell Housing Authority – The goal for the new website was to integrate technology to support online services, provide full site searchability, facilitate content creation and editing, house a calendar of events system and create an overall inviting and engaging web design interface.

Planeteria completed an in-depth usability audit for Lowell Housing Authority. This included an on-site facilitation for general needs analysis, onsite focus groups with staff, and department facilitation to develop content strategy and architecture of website and intranet. Based on these discussions, we built a new website with housing application forms, language translation, and social media integration.

News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, site admin roles/permissions, emergency alerts, site search functionality, real time information, video embedding, document archive, online forms and more.

Usability audit, stake holder interviews, wireframes, custom mobile responsive design, web development: PHP / HTML5 / JavaScript, jQuery, route search functionality, ADA compliant, multilingual, work flows, Google analytics, responsive design. roles & permissions, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress