Project Helping

Project Helping mission is to improve mental wellness through accessible experiences that create purpose and connection.

Project Helping


Project Helping organizes volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact — both on their audience and their community. Through volunteering, participants actively invest in their communities while also reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness. Project Helping creates and practices kyndfulness! They needed a website that was easy to update and highlights thei KyndHub portal KyndKit ecommerce.


Planeteria completed an in-depth usability & design audit for Project Helping . This included an on-site analysis for general needs, and department facilitation to develop content strategy and architecture of the website. Based on these discussions, we incorporated news & events, social media integration, a donation portal, emergency alerts, a streamlined student application process, video embedding/streaming, document archive, a blog section, online forms and more.



Usability audit, stake holder surveys, wireframes, custom mobile responsive design, Web development: PHP / HTML5 / JavaScript, jQuery, route search functionality, ADA compliant, workflows, Google Analytics, responsive design, roles & permissions, multilingual, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress.


Project Helping has Kynd Kits that customers can order. These kits can be purchased as a one time purchase or as a subscription monthly delivery via Shopify.


Project Helping Audience can create a free account while Gamifing Kyndfulness.