City of Midway, UT Launches New Website

July 25, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: July 25, 2022. For Immediate release

Set among the rugged, pristine beauty of Utah, neighboring the bustling capitol of Salt Lake City, the City of Midway exists in a world all its own. Celebrating history going back to 1824 fur trappers, it was finally incorporated in 1891. Growing steadily since it was a collection of wooden shacks, the City of Midway has been booming in the last few decades, rapidly swelling as the western states absorb population from the coasts.   

Honoring the past while embracing the future, the good people of the City of Midway needed a way to showcase their heritage while thrusting themselves forward at the same time. With services, annual events, and archives to manage, their old website was able to keep up with the demands of a rapidly swelling community. The City of Nixa has a very small staff and needed some automation to cut its workload.

Photo contest to create user-generated imagery for the site, custom design, development, and post-launch tailoring, WordPress CMS, hands-on training, server hosting, and managed maintenance, multi-device flexibility, beta-testing changes, and post-launch user-generated feedback edits, “Hyper-care” monitoring, and video training library. Creation of a unique services directory, “Eat/Play/Stay,” including a business guide.

Beautiful and easy-to-use pages filled with user-generated pictures and ADA-compliant content, readily managed regional service lists, news, meetings, archives, site admin functionality, and a wide-ranging accessibility menu. Featuring a custom service guide that automatically updates business info via Google.