Website Launch Announcement

PTS Providers began its mission in 1986 by providing and maintaining public telephones across America. Today PTS offers FREE WiFi hot spots and Small Cell coverage in high-density public areas with typically poor coverage and slow speed due to capacity exceeding demand.
PTS Providers needed a modern website that was inline with their mission and organizational goals.
Congrats on the new website launch!

We’re Hiring – WordPress Developer

We are seeking a web developer responsible for both front-end & back-end development, including creating WordPress themes, plugins, and websites. This position requires a combination of programming skills (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and design sensibilities (understanding core design principles and industry best practices). Experience with responsive and adaptive design in a content management system is a must. Also, an understanding of the entire web development process, including planning, design, development, and deployment is preferred.


Please email your resume with cover letter to

WordPress with the US Government

WordPress is still the most popular CMS in the world by a long shot. Originally developed in 2003 as a blogging tool, WordPress has become the most popular content management system with over 62 million installs worldwide. Over 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress.

WordPress continues to gain popularity with government organizations, political leaders and municipalities. 21 of the 24 democratic candidates for president use WordPress and recently switched to WordPress.

Our developers have developed custom municipal and enterprise technology for WordPress platforms that can be incorporated with any new website. The main misconception about open source solutions is that WordPress is a template websites. While some website design companies use templates, ALL websites designed by Planeteria are 100% custom while using a CMS as the

Thoughtful Content Migration

Content migration can one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of a new website design and launch. At Planeteria in Santa Rosa, whether we are designing a new Transportation Authority website or an enterprise ecommerce website, we have a proven method for taking the pain and frustration out of the process.
First. We preform a content audit. We audit your existing site, catalog text, images, video and assess the architecture and usability.
Second. We identify content that will be eliminated, duplicate content and highlight content gaps where content will need to be created. .
Third. We map content from the existing site and where it will be placed on the new site in a content sanctuary.
Fourth. Using the map hierarchy we thoughtfully migrate content by hand.

Website Launch Announcement

The Challenge: SDCERS wanted a website that would help in presenting all the information for its members in a structured and intuitive way so that the number of phone calls to call center could be reduced. They also wanted to create clear separation of their three audience segments; The City, The Port & The Airport. This was done by creating visual & branding changes to go along with the navigation & site structure changes.

New Website Announcement

🎉New website launch!

Clackamas County is Oregon’s third-most populous county. The county was named after the Native Americans living in the area, the Clackamas Indians, who were part of the Chinookan people. Since the county’s creation, agriculture, timber, manufacturing, and commerce have been the principal economic activities. Mount Hood, the only year-round ski resort in the United States and the site of Timberline Lodge, is a major attraction for recreation and tourism. The mountain and its rivers and forests offer outdoor recreation activities, from skiing and rafting to fishing and camping.

Planeteria was hired for website design and development services for the county’s 2,000+ page website that receives more than 2 million visits per year. With a site over 2,000 pages, the content reorganization was essential. A unique challenge to this project was the County has over 40 different departments and divisions all of which needed unique department pages with an overall look and feel that created uniformity throughout the site but also provides levels of flexibility in what they could post and where.


Municipal Website Design

Who is Planeteria?

Our specialty is building and maintaining high quality, modular, mobile and feature heavy websites for municipalities. We are a full service digital agency and we provide logo design, branding, website maintenance, hosting, e-commerce, SEO/SEM, social marketing, display and email marketing services. Our services and business are geared to support all municipalities and your unique challenges and needs.

There are a lot of digital agencies on the planet for you to chose from. What makes Planeteria so special is the unique combination of Our Team, Our Designs and Our Process. We call it the Planeteria Difference.

Chat Bots

There is a new trend in consumer and B2B purchasing habits that have forced many organizations to adapt. Today, over 30% of customers expect live chat on your website.

At Paneteria in Santa Rosa our chat bot, used as live chat, out performs our our contact forms 15 to 1.

There are several variations of how chat bots can be set up according to your organizational needs. For small businesses, a simple Live Chat Bot can be integrated to a website that will serve as an instant messenger with a designated representative. In this instance, this representative can act as a customer service representative answering questions or a sales rep or even act as a receptionist to direct the inquiry to the right person.

Another variation of a chat bot can act similar to a FAQ and lead the website visitor to to right information on the website through a series of predetermined questions. A computer program is designed to simulate conversation with human users.

The most advanced chat bots utilize machine learning or artificial intelligence in order to mimic how humans communicate. This type of chat bot uses computer programming to automatically improve experience, as well as natural language processing and when applied simulates human produced text and language.

For customer service, a chat bot can direct a potential customer or an existing customer to the correct organization rep. In addition, a chat bot can identify the needs of the chatter prior to speaking with a live representative.

For sales, a chat bot can pre-qualify leads. Low quality leads can be prioritized as such and high quality leads can be fast tracked into the sales process.

At our office in Santa Rosa, we use the simple live chat functionality, so you are talking to a live person!

Contact us today for a consultation to see if a chat bot is right for your organization.

ADA Compliance

Website ADA compliance has been a hot topic recently. Several large enterprise businesses and municipal organizations have been the target of law suits as a result of their website not being compliant.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is a law that went into place in 1990 which states websites must be accessible by people with disabilities. The goal is to have websites that do not discriminate against those with disabilities.

In the first six months of 2018, nearly 5,000 ADA lawsuits have been filed in federal court for alleged violations. Protecting your interests is more important than ever.

Working with a lot of private enterprise, government entities and municipality clients, we have extensive experience with creating an ADA Compliant solution and continued monitoring. We make sure the site’s visual elements are visually compliant. In addition, all page headers, tags and meta data will follow compliance. We do this through automated tools for testing and we embed compliance throughout our design and development process. We will meet Section 508/WCAG2.AA (AAA compliance if requested).

Main factors for creating a complaint website:

  • Visual Elements
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Navigation
  • Meta Data
  • Structural
  • Coding
  • Color Contrasts
  • Content Elements

Contact us today to schedule your ADA audit.

Website Launch – Solano Transportation Authority

The STA was created in 1990 through a Joint Powers Agreement between the cities of Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo and the County of Solano to serve as the Congestion Management Agency for Solano.

The STA is responsible for countywide transportation planning, programming transportation funds, managing and providing transportation programs and services, delivering transportation projects, and setting transportation priorities.

The STA uses an open and inclusive public involvement process through various committees made up of local elected officials, public works directors, transit operators, and interested citizens.

This project was the third website design project for STA in the last year to complete the trilogy of websites:

We are very proud and excited about the efforts that went into all of these projects.

News & events, social media integration, custom calendar integration, emergency alerts, site search functionality, trip planners, real time information, video embedding/streaming, document archive, online forms and more.

Usability audit, stake holder surveys, wireframes, mobile responsive design, web development: PHP / HTML5 /JavaScript, jQuery, ADA compliant, multilingual, ongoing maintenance, hosting, WordPress