City of Nixa’s New Website Takes Off

October 12, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: October 12, 2022. For Immediate release

The City of Nixa is a medium-sized town right outside Springfield, Missouri, with a history reaching back to the area’s first European settlers. Taking its name from one of the first proprietors of an early trading post, “Nick’s” was spelled Nix and has grown steadily ever since. Serving as a bedroom community to some and a historic small town to others, The City of Nixa has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last few decades and expects much more.

Wishing to supply information to the residents and visitors alike, the Nixa website offered Planeteria many exciting challenges, not least of which was over two hundred and fifty individual pages that would need to be organized, developed, and styled. The project was so massive it was broken up into two phases, and even as I write these words, the first trickles of content for phase two have begun to arrive.

Photo contest to generate images for the site and build hype for launch, Municipal QA, extensive site mapping, and style-guide development. Comprehensive content outline, curation, migration, and Content Management System setup with custom templates and forms. Beta-testing, pre-launch adjustments, and live site feedback changes. “Hyper-care” monitoring, training videos, and hands-on lessons in CMS management.

As extensive and easy to navigate as a small library, the photo contest paid off in dozens of vividly engaging images with personal meaning for the community. Pages link together intuitively, with city services and private businesses handily laid out alongside licensing, permits, and city council posts. The town’s past is presented at the same time its future is being created, with the ADA-compliant craftsmanship that is the Planeteria hallmark.