Island City Development & Planeteria Collaborate On New Site

September 9, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: September 9, 2022. For Immediate release

Created in 2014 to serve the needs of the affordable housing community in Alameda, California, Island City Development, or ICD, focuses on acquiring, rehabilitating, and refurbishing housing for those who need it. Seniors, veterans, working families, and low-income households of all kinds benefit from safe, decent housing within their means. Island City Development has only just begun its mission and will undoubtedly add more locations in the future.

The needs of a housing authority are many and dynamic- legal notices, meetings, meeting minute archives, an engaging and informative system to display their properties, showcase what sites they have in development, and a home for RFPs, RFQs, and other official propositions. While all websites are designed with accessibility in mind, housing authorities, in particular, require accessibility for as many users as possible.

Collaborative consultation, mood board & sitemap setup, custom page design, data sanctuary, Content Management System creation, implementation, and organization, beta-testing, site management training, live site QA and changes, video training library, and post-launch adjustments.

Colorful and easily navigated pages, easy to update and expand CMS system, not only ADA compliant but bursting with enabling tools, readily managed locations, organizational information and archives, and site admin functionality.