Planeteria & Tulsa Transit Reach Their Destination

August 16, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: August 21, 2022. For Immediate release

Since 1968 Tulsa Transit has been the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s bus company. Tulsa Trans is a public trust formed by the city when MK&O Lines, a larger tri-state company, sold some of its routes. Expanding rapidly in the last few decades, the Tulsa Transit Authority now serves 199 square miles as it reaches the surrounding areas of Jenks, Sand Springs, and Broken Arrow.

Needing the usual battery of transit authority needs, maps, schedules, fees, meetings, notices, job postings, and tie-ins to apps, they also needed a way to manage flexible and special access routes, an active alert system, and detour notifications. Of course, a bus company’s website has to be stable as granite but as easy to use as a child’s toy. Enter Planeteria and our long-standing specialty of mass transit networks.

Detailed needs analysis, mood board & sitemap, custom map-page arrangements via Google API, instant automated GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) changes, data sanctuary, Content Management System design, development, implementation, beta-testing, site management training, live site QA and changes, video training library, and long-term “hyper-care.”

Real-time alert system and snow route guide, fixed, flexible, and custom route information, designed for mobile devices first, trip-planning, and live updates working fluidly with the rest of the content. Going live on August 21st with a bright and easy-to-use website filled with engaging photos and interactive content, city and citizens enthusiastically embraced the new digital tool.