Planeteria and KCERA Go live With New Site

July 22, 2022

Santa Rosa, CA, Release: July 22, 2022. For Immediate release

The Kern County Employee Retirement Association is KCERA, a multi-employer defined benefit pension plan in Kern County, California, governed by the County Employees’ Retirement Law of 1937. Overseen by The Board of Retirement and administered by the Chief Executive Officer, KCERA is more than a pension company for the employees of Kern County: it’s the bridge between a community and the organization which underwrites its future.

Requiring a transparent and easily accessed management system for retirement assets, KCERA functionally handles more than twenty-thousand policies. The scope encompassed not only a dynamic content management system but a simple, easy-to-understand site as well. One part sales site, one part archive, and one part customer service center, needed to be diverse in content, dynamic in its potential for growth, and most importantly, easy for its retired users to engage with.

Design and implement a complex document library, WordPress CMS, extensive content mapping, custom design, software development, post-launch tailoring, hands-on training, server hosting, managed maintenance, multi-device flexibility, beta-testing changes, and post-launch user-generated feedback edits.

Engaging and straightforward pages filled with helpful content, all ADA-compliant, readily managed benefit lists, organizational budgets, financial reports, data archives, site admin functionality, and an inclusive accessibility menu.